Semester 3 / ECTS Credits: 6 ECTS

Course Description:

The program encompasses a variety of topics related scripting using Python, PowerShell, and BASH scripting.
Starting with review of basic syntax of different scripting languages, followed by developing simple algorithms for which can be used for automation of forensics task. Finally, students will have to solve develop solution for the project task using scripts which they have to find in repositories and modify them to accomplish expected results. Students are expected to be able to understand and develop algorithms based on acquired knowledge. Students will be able to use scripting language for automating jobs, and expanding the capabilities of digital forensics tools. Independent work is required of students.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply completed scripts in forensics.
  2. Make a script using regular expressions
  3. Know basic syntax and script language elements.
  4. Write code in script language for automation of frequent jobs.
  5. Find and modify forensic scripts
  6. Modify scripts for different forensic tools.

Course content lectures:

  1. Introduction to script language
  2. Regular expressions in digital forensics
  3. Scripting in Python
  4. Scripting in BASH
  5. Scripting in PowerShell
  6. Advanced Scripting in PowerShell
  7. PowerShell and Python Scripting – calling python scripts
  8. PowerShell and Python Scripting – calling PowerShell scripts
  9. Forensic script repositories and their use
  10. Modifying forensic scripts – using PowerShell
  11. Modifying forensic scripts – using Python
  12. Modifying forensic scripts – using Bash
  13. Writing and editing scripts in one forensic computer forensics tool