Semester 2 / ECTS Credits: 6 ECTS

Course description

The main objective of this course is to acquire knowledge about the application of modern cryptography in data protection. Throughout the course, students are introduced to the problems of cryptographic data protection and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to apply cryptography in a computer environment.
Through seminars, students do case analysis and become thoroughly acquainted with the case analysis, which deepens their knowledge and gains the ability to write reports.

In laboratory exercises, students become more familiar with the functioning of cryptographic algorithms and their programming implementation, as well as certain methods of cryptanalysis.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To differentiate cryptographic algorithms and systems.
  2. To identify the threats to security of confidential data and the consequences that can arise from the realization of these threats.
  3. To anticipate difficulties that may arise in handling confidential data.
  4. To use tools and equipment to create an environment for safe handling of confidential data. Level:
  5. To combine cryptographic solutions in practical systems.
  6. To judge which solution is best for the security of confidential data for particular purpose in a particular environment.

Course content lectures

  1. lntroduction to cryptography
  2. Symetric cryptography
  3. Asymmetric cryptography
  4. One-way hash functions
  5. Digital signature
  6. Password security
  7. 1st mid-term exam
  8. Transport Layer Security
  9. Encrypted environment of mobile devices
  10. Smart Cards
  11. Mathematical foundation of cryptographic algorithms
  12. Key length and key management
  13. Public key algorithms advanced
  14. Standards and regulations
  15. 2nd mid-term exam